Arrival Australia to play at IEEC

Arrival Australia to play at IEEC

Date: 20-May-2024

ARRIVAL Australia (formerly ABBALIVE) is the most perfectly authentic ABBA production to emerge from Australia! Playing at the Ipswich Events & Entertainment Centre on Friday, 26 July!

ABBA’s incredible genius and obviously timeless music have proven this Swedish super group is here to stay for centuries to come. Never in the history of popular music has a group or artist been relived in such an astounding way from one generation to the next, aided by releases such as ABBA The Movie, Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, the Mamma Mia musical and movies, ABBA Singstar, the ABBA museum, and soon the release of 2 new songs, and a world tour with hologram images.

ARRIVAL Australia celebrates this monumental act by producing the perfect recreation of ABBA as they were live in concert. The show is based on the three most significant live performances of ABBA – 1975 as they toured the folk parks of Sweden, the world-stopping tour of Europe/Australia in 1977, and the infamous Northern America and European tour in 1979.

The most brilliant “ABBA Live On Stage” experience continues to ensure the fabulous music and magical vocals of ABBA are presented as never before, featuring an international line up of some of the world’s finest musicians and entertainers, full choreography, spectacular costumes, and brilliant production.

Other ABBA shows may come and go, but ARRIVAL Australia have stood the test of time and are still Australia’s Number 1 ABBA production. And why? Because the ARRIVAL team have studied in detail every magical note, fabulous harmony, stunning costume, unforgettable dance move, and even mannerism of ABBA to bring you the most authentic ABBA production available on the market today. Their constant dedication and passion continues to set the precedent for ABBA shows all over the globe.

ARRIVAL Australia is the most breathtaking ABBA show that will leave you screaming for more and is the only choice for the closest experience to ABBA you will EVER find!!!! This truly is Australia’s most professional ABBA production that provides tasteful quality entertainment for all ages. Now into their 19th year of entertaining the masses nationally and abroad, ARRIVAL are still selling out shows time and time again, and is one of just a handful of Australian acts that is guaranteed to pack out any venue.

Don’t miss ARRIVAL Australia – As They Really Were.


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