Track light renos

Track light renos

Date: 07-Sep-2021

This week the Club commenced some light renovation work on the track in preparation for the warmer months and to further strengthen the track for the racing year ahead.

The team led by track manager Sea Tou have set a program over the next fortnight to prepare for the spring and summer months ahead.

It has been well documented in recent years the struggles the track had endured when any wet weather would result in abandoned race meetings.

However, since the major renovations to improve drainage and irrigation in late 2019 through early 2020, the track has held up through winter remarkably well.

A more precise and consistent irrigation system along with a better draining track goes a long way to ensure racing is able to continue a days when high volumes of rainfall is received.

Tou will make the most of the three week break to ensure the Club is set for a strong spring and summer racing season.

Scheduling breaks for tracks across the south-east region is paramount when considering the demand on Club’s producing a consistent surface.

Eagle Farm’s long-running woes continue, and the southeast cannot cope with another track being out of action making it even more essential for scheduled track closures throughout the year.

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